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Homeopathic HCG

A lot of experts are debating about the whether or not the homeopathic HCG diet plan is effective. It is an interesting debate... especially when I am living proof of the fact that it works. I lost about 8 pounds a week for 3 weeks while I was on the diet!

If you're in doubt, you ought to try it!

Another Friend Loses Weight

I frequently refer my friends to the hCG Diet, and one of them finally started 2 and a half weeks ago. She has lost a total of 14 lbs in the last 18 days. She was stoked. She is shooting for losing 18 lbs, so she probably only has another 4 or 5 days left in her diet.

It's interesting how motivated people get when they start seeing success first hand. Success is definitely the best motivation for dieters. So stick with it, you'll see results!

Other diets

I have a friend who is on the Atkins diet and she has been losing quite a bit of weight. I think that the diet is a little bit slower than the hCG Diet but it has been a good diet for her.

I think that an important lesson learned from this is that you can have success on most diets as long as you're consistent. I think that consistency is one of the most important factors in losing weight.

Different hCG Instructions

I have received lots of questions about the issue of which set of hCG Diet instructions to follow. This can be a very confusing issue for anyone who is just learning about the diet because it seems like every website has their own, unique set of instructions for the diet.

hCG Diet and Loading

A friend asked me if she needed to eat until she was feeling sick during her loading days on the hCG Diet. The answer to that is NO! There is no need to make yourself sick during your eating days. The idea of the eating days is to get your metabolism started and start getting the hCG in your body. So eat and eat well, but do not force down food - it is totally unnecessary.

Losing Weight Can Be Easy!

With the hCG Diet, losing weight can be easy! I have seen 4 friends lose weight on the hCG Diet because they stuck with the hCG Meal Plan day after day for the amount of time that they set out to do (28 days for 3 of them).

Mediral hCG (Weight Loss Formula and Detox) is Done

So I recently heard that Mediral is no longer selling hCG (both Weight Loss Formula and hCG Detox). I was certain that the person telling me this was mistaken so I called Mediral... They confirmed that they are no longer selling the weight loss supplement.

Mediral has been pretty closed about revealing the reasons that they no longer sell it, but I suppose it has something to do with their size relative to other homeopathic drug manufacturers.

hCG Diet and Diet Soda

So I was talking with a friend who is on the hcg diet, and she told me that she has last 9 pounds so far on the diet (she is on day 10). While this rate of weight loss is definitely very average, it is weird because she is drinking diet sodas (about a can a day). She said that she just couldn't stand the headaches being caused by withdrawal from caffeine.

Hello from hCG Meal Plan

Welcome to hCG Meal Plan. I intend to post occasionally about my experiences with people who are on the hCG Diet. I have picked up a number of tips and tricks I'd like to share to make your hCG Diet as smooth and simple as possible! If you have questions, leave a comment.