Thatcher's hCG Diet - Finished Diet

I've completed the diet! Sorry for my absence -- I had some issues come up that I needed to deal with.

Anyway, I finished on Wednesday and I was down 28 lbs! I am very happy with the results! I am in the maintenance phase now and I have managed to keep it all off. The scale even says that I've lost another half-pound. I have made the decision to change my lifestyle with regards to eating. I wake up early in the morning and go running before work -- which is really hard because I am only able to run a little before being out of breath, but I know it will get easier as I keep with it.

I am hoping that my new exercise routine will help me keep the weight off (and maybe lose some more)! I think it will.

Thanks for following my diet. I've enjoyed sharing.

This post is part of a series of guest posts by Thatcher. He will be sharing his journey with us. If you'd like to guest post, leave a comment below and I will contact you.

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