So Much To Learn

The HCG diet has become incredibly popular, and is one of the commonly discussed ways to lose weight. With so many people starting the program, the questions I receive on how to do the program are increasing. Most of the questions are centered around the second phase, burning. Specifically, many people are often confused by what is allowed and what is not.

During the first phase, dieters can eat whatever they wish; and then in the third phase, they go on to a normal diet. However in phase 2, there are some very strict requirements for success. By reading through the hcg Diet and hcg Diet Information pages, you'll learn the bulk of what you need to know for success on the diet.

Remember, the hcg diet allows dieters to eat many normal foods. Many fruits and vegetables are allowed, as are chicken, fish, and lean beef (sparingly).

Best of luck to you!

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