Plan Meals Take 2

In the last post I briefly mentioned that I like to make a few days worth of meals (the protein part at least). Now I'd like to add a quick followup on the fruit and veggies. First, I love apples. So I tend to have an apple a day anyway. But during the diet it is important to do what you can to prevent yourself from becoming tired of repeatedly eating the same foods. So I like to shake it up with my fruits and vegetables.

The diet says to have one fruit and one vegetable with lunch and dinner - that makes 2 veggies and 2 fruits. What I do is take the two different fruits and two different veggies and chop them into bite size pieces, sorta creating a small fruit salad and a small veggie salad. I will snack on these throughout the day to help balance my meal plan and stave off the hunger pangs.

I have found this a really effective approach to handling the diet and keeping my sanity. :)

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